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Water daily consomption: how much water is required daily for optimal health

drinking water-how much water should you drink per day

March 25th 2024

Water daily consomption to maintain good health

Water is life!

water is life

We are very much aware of this fact, after all, it’s quite literally our field of work! There is all sorts of information out there about how much water to drink to stay healthy. 

First you should know about the crucial role water plays in bodily functions, such as body temperature regulation, nutrient transport and waste elimination. Dehydration can lead to various health problems, including fatigue, headaches,  impaired cognitive functions, and in more severe cases, damage to vital organs, kidneys among others.

Water daily consumption: drinking recommandation

On average, the recommended water intake for a human would be about 2 to 3 liters (64 to 100 ounces) of water per day to maintain proper hydration. This seems to be the general accepted answer. But that’s not an exact amount because individual needs can vary depending on factors such as age, weight, gender, climate and activity level. We can easily imagine that after a grueling exercise where we sweated profusely, we will of course need more.

It’s essential to drink water throughout the day, actually before you feel thirsty, because thirst is a late indicator of dehydration. Yes, when you feel thirsty, it is high time you drink. It may seem strange to drink without feeling thirsty, but the ideal is really to drink small quantities often, which will not overload your kidney functions but will keep you optimally hydrated all day long.

Signs of dehydration

Watch for signs that you should probably drink a little more: if you feel thirsty a few times during the day, you’ve waited too long when you finally got around to drink. Urine color, for example, can help assess hydration levels; pale yellow urine usually indicates adequate hydration, while darker urine may signal beginning dehydration. Also watch for fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating, infrequent urination. Although these signs may have another cause than not enough hydration, it won’t hurt to drink a glass of cool water and see if it helps. 😉

drink water to avoid headaches

Here’s what a few experts have to say about it…

According to Harvard (

The National Academy of Medicine suggests an adequate intake of daily fluids of about 13 cups and 9 cups for healthy men and women, respectively, with 1 cup equaling 8 ounces. [1] Higher amounts may be needed for those who are physically active or exposed to very warm climates. Lower amounts may be needed for those with smaller body sizes. It’s important to note that this amount is not a daily target, but a general guide. In the average person, drinking less will not necessarily compromise one’s health as each person’s exact fluid needs vary, even day-to-day.”

WebMD had this to say

For men, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends a total of 13 cups (about 3 liters) of fluid each day. For women, they suggest 9 cups (a little over 2 liters) of fluid each day. Pregnant women should drink about 10 cups of water daily. Those who breastfeed need about 12 cups.

What to drink

While water remains the best source of hydration, other sources such as fruits, vegetables and drinks like tea and coffee, mineral water, also contribute to daily water consumption. It’s important to balance water intake with the electrolytes and minerals that you get more from fruits and vegetables, especially during periods of intense physical activity or in hot climates.


get hydrated from fruits-vegetables-tea-coffee

Ultimately, you have to think about drinking before you get to the point of feeling thirsty. Of course, it’s not always tempting to drink water straight from the tap. The quality of tap water often leaves something to be desired and is not always pleasant to drink.

The difficulty of accessing fresh water or the poor quality of tap water are the main reasons why so many people reach for spring water in plastic bottles. That frenzy over  bottled spring water is now why single-use plastic bottles have become a real problem for the environment.

Pollution plastic bottles


But, having access to fresh tasting water doesn’t have to be a problem. There are plenty of water filtration solutions that will provide fresh quality water ideal for consumption and will significantly reduce the quantity of single-use plastic bottles that end up in the environment.

Practical solutions to stay hydrated all day

Fontaine à boire extérieure et remplisseur de bouteille WSF
Drinking fountain and bottle filler HAWS
 Refroidisseur d'eau Blupura Hydrazon Kupa flavor fountain - flavored water

Drinking fountains

An indoor drinking fountain in a work place, or an outdoor drinking fountain in public areas, will provide fresh water on demand, filtered and/or chilled water as needed. Making it easy for users to have access to great tasting water will make a big difference in their level hydration every day.

Bottle fillers

In addition to drinking fountains, there are now convenient water bottle fillers that allow you to fill our own reusable bottle and even countertop water coolers that provide tempered or cold, even hot water for teas of all kinds (Blupura Hydrazon).

Water coolers

Some water coolers offer the possibility of sparkling water (ION), to which flavor drops can easily be added, advantageously replacing bottled or canned fizzy drinks. A definite advantage both in economic and health wise for the user, as a huge win for the environment.

Water flavored drinking fountain

There are even flavored fountains (KUPA) which offer the possibility of combining water, natural fruit flavors and supplements, such as electrolytes, to create a beverage tailor-made to the user’s tastes.

In short, there is no shortage of solutions, so stay hydrated no matter where you are! 🙂


remain hydrated-drink water

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