Sani-Fountains: your trusted provider for the installation and maintenance of drinking fountains and water filtration systems

Sani-Fountains has nearly 30 years of expertise in the installation, maintenance, and repair of indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, as well as water treatment and filtration systems.

Trusting our team with the care of your fountains and filtration systems means ensuring that you’ll always have quality water, without aftertaste and especially without bacteria of any kind.

We are an Authorized Service Center for Vivreau, Haws, Oasis International and Thermoconcept.


Installation of Fountains and Filtration Systems

Have you rented or bought a pressure fountain, an outdoor fountain, a water cooler, or a water filtration system with us?
Our team of installers will ensure its optimal functioning.

Repair of Fountains and Filters

Is your water not as cold as it used to be? Have you noticed a small leak? Our technicians works to provide you with a fast and professional repair service.
Because access to fresh and tasty water at all times is important!


Maintenance and Disinfection Contract for your Water Distribution and Filtration Systems

Ensuing quality water begins with the rigorous maintenance of your water distribution and filtration equipment. Regular maintenance and disinfection of your fountains and ice machines helps prevent breakage, eliminate bacteria and keep the water tasting fresh.

Sani-Fountains is an authorized Vivreau, Oasis, Haws and Thermoconcept service centre and holds a Technical Certification for the maintenance and upkeep of Scotsman ice machines.

Replacing Filters and Filtration Cartridges

Make sure your water stays free of bacteria and any unpleasant tastes or odors by changing your filtration system's filter and cartridge at the recommended frequency. Need help? That's what our team is here for!

How and when should you maintain and disinfect a water fountain or ice machine?

It is recommended that indoor and outdoor fountains undergo maintenance twice a year. Our technicians do this by injecting a product evaluated by Health Canada and then rinsing several times. The maintenance service also includes complete exterior cleaning, scaling, and compressor and cooler maintenance.

Water fountains and ice machines have to be disinfected at least 4 times a year to prevent the formation of bacteria inside the cooling tanks, bins, and any other element with which the water you drink comes into contact.

We use patented biodegradable and sterile products suitable for food use.


Sale and Rental of Indoor and Outdoor Fountains

Looking for a way to provide fresh, clear water free of aftertaste at all times to your employees, customers and visitors? Our team will advise you on the equipment best suited to your needs. Discover our various products available for sale or rental.

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Water Coolers

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Water Filtration

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Does your business, business or institution want to go green and stop using disposable water bottles?

We can help you achieve this goal, from selecting equipment you need, to keeping it in top working condition.

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