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The benefits of maintaining your drinking water fountain


December 15th 2023

Drinking water is an essential part of everyday life, and drinking fountains and water troughs play a crucial role in providing clean, healthy water. However, it’s just as important to recognize the positive impact of regular maintenance of these systems. Here are just a few of the crucial benefits of maintaining a public drinking fountain and water trough:

1. Water quality:

Regular maintenance of a drinking fountain and water trough ensures optimum water quality. Frequent cleaning of tanks, pipes and filters removes impurities, bacteria and contaminants, ensuring that the water supplied remains fresh and potable.

2. Public health:

A poorly maintained fountain or water trough can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Proper maintenance can help prevent water contamination and protect public health. This is particularly important in public spaces where many people use the same fountain.

3. Equipment durability:

Regular maintenance extends the life of drinking fountains and drinking troughs. Cleaning and preventive maintenance reduce wear and tear on components, thus avoiding premature replacement costs. This contributes to a more sustainable use of resources and a reduction in waste.

4. Energy efficiency:

Well-maintained water coolers and troughs are more energy-efficient. Clean, properly functioning components consume less energy, which can lead to long-term savings. This benefits both the environment and operating costs.

5. Enhanced User Experience :

A clean, well-maintained water cooler or trough offers a better user experience. Users are more inclined to use a water source that appears clean and fresh, which can encourage proper hydration.

6. Compliance with Health Standards:

Regular maintenance of a drinking water fountain or waterer ensures compliance with health and safety standards set by the relevant authorities. This is particularly important in public and commercial environments, where regulatory compliance is essential.

In conclusion, regular maintenance of drinking fountains and drinking troughs is an essential investment in public health, equipment durability and a positive user experience. It helps ensure that the water we consume is clean, safe and of the highest quality.

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