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Maintenance of drinking fountains and coolers

Désinfection des fontaines d'eau potable

September 7th 2022

Do you own a water cooler or a drinking water cooler? A good maintenance is essential to avoid that the device is contaminated by bacteria and avoid problems for your health.

Indeed, a poorly maintained device could develop a biofilm that could harm your health. These micro-organisms contain a multitude of bacteria that are the cause of multiple humans infections. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant, here are some tips for a good maintenance of your cooler or drinking water fountain.

First of all, it is important to use an accredited disinfection product and avoid mixtures such as bleach/water that is unfit for human consumption or vinegar that could leave a taste in your water after maintenance.

We recommend products such as the Sterile which allows an effective disinfection without danger. Indeed, this product has been tested by many laboratories, is biodegradable and evaluated by Health Canada. It is therefore safe for your health.

Here are the steps to take for an effective maintenance of your drinking water cooler or your cooler.

First, it is important to dry the unit and prepare the disinfection solution by mixing Sterile and Water. Insert the product in the tank and let it work for 30 minutes. If possible, scrub the tank with a clean brush and rinse thoroughly, leaving the water flowing through the taps. Remove the taps and scrub them, this will remove all bacteria and potential deposits such as limescale. Biofilm requires scrubbing to be effectively removed.

Following all these steps you are now ready to use your appliance without any danger to your health. Please disinfect regularly or after a long period of time if the unit has not been in use. Stagnant water is conducive to the rapid formation of bacteria.

Need help? Do not hesitate to contact our technicians.

The costs associated with the maintenance of a drinking water cooler or water cooler can vary from $30 to $125 depending on the unit, its maintenance record and its condition. Periodic maintenance is strongly recommended to avoid contamination.


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