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bottleless water cooler

November 20th 2023

Bottleless water coolers offer several advantages over traditional models with bottled water. We’ve put together a list of 10 benefits for you:

  1. Financial savings: With a bottleless water cooler, you don’t need to buy bottled water all the time. This translates into significant long-term savings for businesses and private individuals wishing to equip themselves with this option.
  2. Ecological: Bottleless water coolers reduce the production of plastic waste, which is good for the environment. Fewer plastic bottles means less waste and a smaller ecological footprint. What’s more, you don’t have to transport them, which is another advantage of this option.
  3. Convenience: You don’t have to worry about regularly replacing empty bottles, which makes daily use more convenient. The bottle-free system is also easier to maintain, as some units contain no cooling tanks, so maintenance is more frequent than with bottle coolers.
  4. Storage space: Since there’s no need to store bottles, a bottleless water cooler saves storage space in the home or workplace.
  5. Continuous distribution: Bottleless water coolers are often connected to a continuous water source, which means that water is always available without interruption. You don’t have to wait for bottles to be changed, and you avoid the problems associated with water shortages.
  6. Elimination of bottle handling risks: Transporting, lifting and changing water bottles can involve health risks, such as back and shoulder injuries. Bottleless coolers eliminate these risks, as they are directly connected to the water network and offer continuous distribution.
  7. Built-in filtration: Some bottleless water cooler models feature built-in filtration systems, ensuring cleaner, healthier water than most bottled waters, which sometimes stagnate for weeks inside containers. A wide range of filtration options eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, lead and cyst, and improve the taste and smell of the water.
  8. Adjustable temperature: Many bottleless water coolers offer the option of adjusting water temperature to suit individual preferences, which can be a welcome benefit. Hot, cold and tempered water are available on the majority of units currently on the market.
  9. Advanced options: Many options are now available on bottleless water coolers. Sparkling water, hot water or flavored water are just some of the options available. Talk to your supplier.
  10. Advanced cooling capacity: whether you’re a single user or several dozen daily users, the options available are numerous. Some offer capacities in excess of 100 liters of cold water per hour.

In short, bottleless water coolers offer economic, ecological and practical advantages, while eliminating the inconvenience of managing bottled water. They are without doubt the most advantageous solution when considering the purchase of a water distribution system for the home or workplace.

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