Portable water fountains for green events, a simple and ecological solution.

Are you organizing an event? We offer responsible solutions to provide quality water wherever you want it.

Meetpat portable water stations are easily transported with a wheeled bag that includes everything needed to connect the water to a simple outdoor tap. The sturdy base fills up to make the fountain stable and foutains are fully customizable with your event colors. They can be networked to provide a multitude of water points for festival goers.

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Fontaine portable v1


Cold and filtered water for your events, made here? Contact our team ! 

Our network-connected fountains offer high quality filtered and cooled water. They are easily installed by simply connecting them to hose water line and electricity. They are ideal for festivals, golf courses, campgrounds, sports campuses and other outdoor locations. 

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and opt for a portable water station, an efficient and ecological solution for your events.


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Fontaine d'eau pour évênements

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