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Reduce plastic use with a drinking fountain

drinking fountain for cities, park and recreational use

August 17th 2023

Installing drinking fountains in parks, city, sports fields, schools ect… to reduce plastic use is an excellent initiative for the environment. Here are a few steps and considerations for successfully implementing this type of project:

1. Needs assessment:

– Determine how often the location is used and estimate the number of people who could use the drinking fountains.

– Identify strategic locations in the park where the fountains could be installed for easy access by visitors.

2.Choice of fountains :

– Choose sturdy, durable, high-quality drinking fountains to withstand intensive outdoor use.

– Look for models designed to minimize water waste by having efficient dispensing systems.

3. Installation:

– Call on professionals to install fountains in compliance with current safety and plumbing standards.

4. Promotion and awareness :

– Inform visitors about the drinking fountains and explain the benefits of reducing the use of plastic bottles.
– Use signs and posters to promote the use of drinking fountains and raise awareness of plastic reduction.

5. Regular maintenance:

– Set up a regular maintenance program for drinking fountains, including cleaning, filter replacement and checking dispensing systems.

6. Accessibility and inclusiveness:

– Ensure that drinking fountains are accessible to people with reduced mobility and comply with accessibility standards.

7.Waste management:

– Install waste garbage cans near the fountains so that visitors can dispose of their waste properly.

8. Collaboration with local authorities:

– Collaborate with local authorities and management bodies to obtain the necessary permits and establish awareness-raising partnerships.

9. Monitoring and evaluation:

– Monitor the use of drinking fountains and evaluate their impact on reducing plastic waste. This data can be used to justify and improve the project.

10. Involve the community:

– Organize events or awareness campaigns involving the local community to further encourage the use of drinking fountains.

By implementing these steps, you can make a significant contribution to reducing plastic use while providing convenient access to fresh drinking water for park visitors.

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