Reduce plastic use with a drinking fountain

drinking fountain for cities, park and recreational use

August 17th 2023

Installing drinking fountains in parks, city, sports fields, schools ect… to reduce plastic use is an excellent initiative for the environment. Here are a few steps and considerations for successfully implementing this type of project: 1. Needs assessment: – Determine how often the location is used and estimate the number of people who could use […]

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Drinking fountains, a simple way to reduce single use plastic

Réduire les plastiques à usage unique

June 13th 2023

Drinking fountains play an important role in reducing the use of single-use plastics. Here are some key points on how they contribute to this reduction:   Eco-friendly alternative: Drinking fountains offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. Instead of buying disposable water bottles, people can fill their own reusable bottles from drinking fountains. This […]

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Maintenance of drinking fountains and coolers

Désinfection des fontaines d'eau potable

September 7th 2022

Do you own a water cooler or a drinking water cooler? A good maintenance is essential to avoid that the device is contaminated by bacteria and avoid problems for your health. Indeed, a poorly maintained device could develop a biofilm that could harm your health. These micro-organisms contain a multitude of bacteria that are the […]

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Clean and disinfect water fountains or coolers after long shut off period

August 31st 2022

Welcome back to school to all students! After a long period without using your water network, it’s essential to clean and disinfect water fountains or coolers in schools and offices. When a building is unoccupied for more than a month, the risk of water stagnation is higher and the water quality deteriorates. For example, the […]

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