Maintenance of drinking fountains and coolers

Désinfection des fontaines d'eau potable

September 7th 2022

Do you own a water cooler or a drinking water cooler? A good maintenance is essential to avoid that the device is contaminated by bacteria and avoid problems for your health. Indeed, a poorly maintained device could develop a biofilm that could harm your health. These micro-organisms contain a multitude of bacteria that are the […]

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Clean and disinfect water fountains or coolers after long shut off period

August 31st 2022

Welcome back to school to all students! After a long period without using your water network, it’s essential to clean and disinfect water fountains or coolers in schools and offices. When a building is unoccupied for more than a month, the risk of water stagnation is higher and the water quality deteriorates. For example, the […]

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